Consulting for Chinese Clients - Practice Areas
We serve Chinese companies of all sizes in the various stages of their investment engagements in the European and World markets.

Our practice areas are:

  • Financial Advisory/ M&A in European and World Markets
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  • China is integrating fast into the world economy. It is obvious that only those Chinese players will be successful in the long-run who globalize their activities now.


    The Häger Group has assisted a multitude of Chinese companies in their M&A activities in the overseas markets, usually in the manufacturing sector. The Group can provide you on shortest notice with target lists of take-over candidates and the Group negotiates on your behalf with owners and management in overseas.


    If approached properly, many overseas businesses are more than willing to talk with Chinese management about all possibilities of cooperation or the various forms of a Chinese stake acquisition. The H?ger Group including its Law Firm branch facilitates this interaction through all stages, from first meetings to final deal-making and the execution with all its related issues.


    The recent global financial crisis has created additional chances for Chinese companies going abroad. This is the time of opportunity!

  • Partnership Matchmaking
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  • In the overseas markets a multitude of companies, small and large ones, are potentially delighted to cooperate with a partner in mainland China, however, they do not have contacts and once a contact is made they lack trust in the Chinese side. The major reason might not even be the language barrier but rather cultural differences and lack of information.

    The Häger Group acts as a Communication Bridge: If your company is envisioning to cooperate with an overseas company, be it in trade or even regarding Joint Venture activities, the Häger Group can be of help: With multinational teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Germany, and elsewhere the Group is uniquely positioned to put you in touch with European counterparts and to facilitate a long-running mutual beneficial partnership.

  • Technology & Brand Licensing in Western and World Markets
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  • Chinese manufacturers sometimes lack the first-tier technology they need to fully compete on the global stage. Combining first-tier Western technology with the opportunities of the Chinese manufacturing base and of the vast Chinese market can give your company the competitive edge.

    Licensing technology from a Western company is often easier than it seems. Western companies might be delighted to license to China, however, they just lack information of and trust in the Chinese side.

    Here the Häger Group acts as a Communication Bridge and negotiation facilitator. It can help you to identify the right companies in the West, to negotiate the terms, and to execute the deal. Doing so, the Group's Consulting and Law Firm branches work closely together, to provide the best possible solutions.

  • IPO consulting and support
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  • Many Chinese companies have gone public on stock exchanges abroad. Even though the recent global financial crisis has slowed down this process, it is obvious that the overall trend will continue over time. Particularly a listing in Germany has been interesting to Chinese companies over the past years, due to often more convenient regulations than do exist in the USA.

    The Häger Group has advised Chinese companies on their pursuit of a listing in Germany, and it can provide you with the latest information on developments on IPO possibilities in Europe, in North America, and elsewhere. The Group's Law Firm has longstanding relationships with the relevant institutions and service providers in Germany and can work out a plan to investigate your options and risks regarding an IPO in Germany or elsewhere.