Group History
2019 20-year Anniversary of the Häger Law Firm

2014 10-year Anniversary of own presence in mainland China

2012 Start of additional representation services for Chinese clients in in the Americas and around the world

2009 Group Restructuring with formation of the Häger Consulting (Shanghai) Ltd as a full subsidiary of the German Häger Consulting GmbH , Expansion of the Shanghai Office

2008 The World Financial Crisis creates additional M&A opportunities for Chinese investors in the European markets, facilitated by the Häger Group

2007 Opening of a second China office, in Shanghai

2006 Expansion of the Beijing Office

2004 Opening of a China office, in Beijing

2002 Beginning of consulting services for Western clients regarding China market strategy

2000 Expansion of the focus on Chinese Law

1999 Founding of the Häger Law Firm in Berlin, Germany by Attorney at Law F. Georg Häger in partnership cooperation with Attorney at Law Christian Groth