Consulting for Western Clients - Practice Areas
We assists Western companies in all stages of their China engagement. Our clients include private and publicly traded Western companies of all sizes.

The core practice areas are:

  • Financial Advisory/ M&A Advisory
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  • M&A activity in mainland China has become an ever increasing opportunity for foreign investors:


    While in the past an entry into the Chinese market was usually achieved by green-field investment or a clientsí» own office operations setup, recently the acquisition of an existing Chinese target company has become feasible in many business fields, due to more liberalization of Chinese government strategies and laws over the years.


    The acquisition of a right target can save you the time-consuming process of an own China-setup and the own penetration of the Chinese domestic market. An existing Chinese company as take-over target, whether previously Chinese-owned or foreign-owned, gives valuable resources in market access, networks and local market knowledge.


    As everywhere in the world, and especially in China, any M&A activity requires thorough preparation and careful due diligence, paired with experience and an established networks in the various regions of China.


    The Häger Group suits your needs in that regard and supports you in all stages of your venture, from initial planning to the execution of the deal. With over 15 years of China experience on the ground, and a tight network in the various regions of China, we strive to be your partner all along the way.


    Talk to us at any stage of your endeavor!

  • M&A Deal Sourcing
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  • Finding the right M&A target in mainland China is crucial: The Häger Group, with its more than 15 years of on-the-ground experience in the various Chinese regions, helps you to identify possible candidates, be it from the Groupí»s given portfolio or by proactive initiative.

  • Establishing Partnerships/ Negotiation Support
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  • Chinese-European business interaction grows at an astonishing rate. Finding the right Chinese partner - be it for sourcing relations or for possible Joint Venture activities - is crucial.

    The Häger Group, over the past decade, has been part of this development, constantly bringing together companies of both sides. With more than 10 years of experience and contact-building in China we easily pre-screen possible Chinese companies, introduce both parties to each other, and facilitate the contact until an understanding of mutual trust has been established.

    Not only language barriers but even more often cultural differences can easily destroy initial contacts without anybody's intention. Experienced managers of the Group act as a Communication Bridge, valuable to a successful long-term partnership. The Häger Group usually also participates in following negotiations on the terms of any deal.

  • China Market Entry/ Company Setup and Expansion
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  • Each year more foreign companies establish their own operations in China. The easiest form is the set-up of a Representative Office (RO). Certain types of business activity, however, require particular types of company setup, for example as a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE). Even more complex is the setup of an own manufacturing site in China, sometimes in cooperation with a local Chinese manufacturer as partner in a Joint Venture (JV).

    The Häger Group assists foreign companies in all stages of these ventures, both in entry situations and in the situation of company expansion. With more than 15 years of Chinese on-the-ground experience and a tight network of contacts in the country, the Häger Group is your partner not only in site selection and staff recruitment but also in market research, strategy planning, inner-Chinese business development and all related activity.

  • Physical Presence, China administrative support, HR/Tax/Auditing Solutions
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  • If you do not have a China presence yet

    but want to preliminarily test your possibilities or you simply want to have your "own team" in China, without the full commitment of a formal Chinese company setup right away, the Häger Group can be of help: The Group can provide you with staff and office on short notice and take care of all the related issues. Usually this preliminary staff of a client turns out to be the core permanent team, once a formal Chinese entity is established later on. Especially for sales activities this procedure is usually the best way to enter the Chinese market.

    If you are already established in China

    the Häger Group supports your existing China business by facilitating outsourced HR, accounting, tax and auditing solutions through its own sources and through reliable third-party service providers that have successfully cooperated with the Group for over a decade.

  • Chinese authorities communications/ Government approvals and licenses
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  • Many China-related activities of Western companies require additional approval by Chinese government authorities. Most foreigners in China sense that bureaucracy usually exceeds what they are used to in their home countries. Furthermore, the legal system in China - while consolidating and improving quickly - still remains unpredictable at times.

    The Häger Group performs approval and licensing procedures for its clients, so that you can focus on your core business from the first day on.